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Frequently Asked Questions

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Merchant (also known as a Vendor)

The merchant is the person that actually created the product that is advertised in the ebooks that you give away.


Because you are promoting somebody else's product, you are their affiliate. A merchant will pay you a commission payment for each sale you generate.

Clickbank Nickname

This is a unique username that you created when you set up your clickbank account. This is required to brand your ebooks and ensures that you are credited by clickbank for all sales that your affiliate links generate.

Branded eBook

These are ebooks that include adverts for related products that are branded with your clickbank affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I build email lists with Auto Affiliate program?

For a step-by-step guide to building an email list with Auto Affiliate Program, please watch the following video...


Q. How do I check that the books are branded with my ClickBank ID

First, make sure you've entered your Clickbank Nickname on the Account page. Next, use the linkbuilder tool to create a link for a book. Now follow this link and click to download the book. You'll now see the countdown timer and a promotion. Click on the link to order the product until you get to the check out page where it asks for your payment details. (For some products you need to enter your email for a free gift before you can access the order page) Now scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you should see something like this: [ affiliate = .AAP ] So long as you can see your Clickbank Nickname here you will get credit. The AAP part is a tracking code so that when you view your stats on your Clickbank account you know the sale was generated by Auto Affiliate Program.

Q. Who are Clickbank and why do I need a 'Clickbank Nickname'?

Clickbank make is easier for small businesses to sell products online. When a merchant wants to sell a product or service online they need to set up a three stage process. Stage one is essentially a sales page that tells people what the product is, stage three is the download page from which customers are able to download the product after purchase and stage two is everything that happens for the sale to take place.

Stage two involves the actual transaction process. This is the part that clickbank do on their secure servers. Once a payment has been checked and accepted clickbank send the customer to the download page to collect their purchase.

Every merchant that sells a product using clickbank is listed in the clickbank marketplace. Anybody can promote a product that is listed in the marketplace as an affiliate. Products listed in the marketplace pay out a commission payment to affiliates which is usually 50% to 75% of the sale price.

All of the products that our branded books promote are listed in the clickbank marketplace.

When you set up your clickbank account you have to chose a clickbank nickname. This nickname is included in all of your branded links and informs clickbank that you generated the sale so that they can credit your account accordingly.

To find out more about clickbank click here.

Q. How much will I earn from each ebook?

When you give away ebooks you will only earn a commission when somebody buys a product from that book. Commissions vary, depending on the product purchased. The amount you actually receive per sale depends on a number of factors. To maximise your commissions, whenever possible we select products that have an upsell offer or an ongoing membership option.

To give you a practical example, one of the products we promote is an online hypnosis course. According to clickbanks latest stats, you will earn an average of $144.37 for each person that buys this course.

However, this course also offers a paid membership program. On average, you can expect to earn $491.25 for each person that joins the membership program.

Of course, the number of people that purchase the course or sign up to the membership program depends on the quality of your readers. If you have an active list of people interested in hypnosis, you'll get a much better response from this particular ebook.

Our goal is to increase your ongoing passive income, so we like to focus on products and services that continue to pay commissions for several months. One such product that is advertised in every book you distribute is this one! Every single book that you give away includes an advert for auto affiliate program that is branded with your link. When one of your readers signs up, you receive 50% of their membership fee for as long as they remain a member.

Q. How do I give the books away?

Our advice is to give the books away via social media. You can do this using our automated system or by clicking on the share buttons when you select a book on the linkbuilder page. We highly recommend that you target your promotions by giving books away to groups of people that have an active interest in the subject of the book.

For a step by step guide to giving away the books in FAcebook groups, please watch the following video:


Q. Can I sell the branded books?

Yes, you are free to sell the branded ebooks or give them away for free. If you decide to sell the ebooks that you download you may set your own price and you keep any money that you make from the sale.

Q. Can I promote the auto affiliate program membership site without using the branded ebooks?

Yes, simply send people to the following address:

Q. How and when do I get paid?

Clickbank have a two criteria that must be met before you can receive your first payment. Firstly, you have to reach your payment threshold. The default payment threshold is set to $100 but you can easily change this in your clickbank account (from $10 to $1,000,000)

Next you have to meet the 'Customer Distribution Requirement'. This requirement prevents people from setting up a new account to buy products using their own affiliate link (which would amount to stealing a rebate). To prevent this type of abuse, clickbank will not release the first payment until the following criteria have been met:

Sales made with 5 or more different credit card numbers, and sales made with two different payment methods (either Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or European Direct Debit).

As soon as you have satisfied these criteria you will receive a payment at the end of each payment period. You can set the payment period to weekly or biweekly and chose to have your payments paid via direct deposit into you bank account of by postal check.

For more information on Clickbanks policies for affiliates click here.

Q. What happens if a customer asks for a refund on a product?

All Clickbank merchants are required to offer a 60 day money back guarantee. For this reason Clickbank hold on to approximately 10% of your commission for 12 weeks. This creates a buffer that can be used for refunds and charge backs should they occur on any sale that you generated. For more information on refunds and charge backs click here.

Q. What happens if a product advertised within one of the books is discontinued?

If you notice that a product link within a book is dead please contact us immediately. Because of the unique way our linking system has been created we are able to automatically update product links and redirect potential customers to a suitable alternative product.

This is a completely unique feature of auto affiliate program and it guarantees that every ebook you distribute will continue to remain active, even if the original product it was advertising has long been removed from sale.

Q. What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to the website so you will not be able to download any further ebooks. Furthermore, any ebooks that you have already given away will no longer earn you commission payments on new sales. If you are already receiving ongoing commission payments from the sale of a membership program or service that was originally sold before the cancellation of your membership with auto affiliate program you will continue to receive commission payments for as long as your referred customer remains a member of that particular program or service.

Your membership will lapse if you discontinue payment so be sure to update your payment details if required.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your membership please contact us or contact clickbank direct. If you wish to cancel we will need at least one of the following pieces of information:

The email address you used to make your payment when you signed up (This may be a different email to that which you used when creating your account)


The receipt number from your purchase. You can find this in any of the monthly email statements that you receive from clickbank.

Q. I am a Clickbank merchant, can I have my product featured in one of the brandable ebooks?

We'll take a look at it for you and if it meets our strict criteria we'll happily feature your product in one of our brandable ebooks. Please contact us with your suggestions.

Q. Can I request a specific book for branding?

Sure, just contact us with your request.

Q. All prices are in USD can I do this outside of the US?

Yes, although commission checks are sent out in USD from clickbank you can pay them into any account so you will be able to do this from anywhere in the world.

Q. Why are some of the books so short?

We used to use much longer books but we found that people were not clicking on the links. If a person can not read the entire book in one sitting they often do not go back to complete it. We have switched over to using shorter books so that the reader can read everything in one go, and still be 'hot' for the product that is advertised within the book when they have finished.

Q. Do I get credit for people that I refer to Auto Affiliate Program when they sign up to All In One Profits.

Yes. Just enter your All In One Profits user name on the account page and we'll make sure that anybody you refer to Auto Affiliate Program uses your All In One Profits referral link when they create their account.

Q. I do not want to build a list, do I still need to join All In One Profits?

No, but you should... When you join All In One Profits and add your user name on the account page we use your referral link for any new members you introduce to Auto Affiliate Program. So when they sign up to All In One Profits you get credit. The commission payments from All In One Profits are very generous, especially for Pro Members. So even if you do not want to build a list signing up to All In One Profits will still benefit you.


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