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About Us

My name is Steven Hall, I'm an author and internet marketing entrepreneur. I first created Auto Affiliate Program to promote affiliate products in my books as a way of generating a passive income. Many of my friends wanted to copy what I was doing so to help them I gradually developed the system writing code to automate the processes involved.

Over time Auto Affiliate Program grew into a fully automated system that anybody can use to generate a truly passive online income.

I've been into online marketing since first connecting to the internet in the late 1990s. In all of that time I've seen many programs come and go, but I've never seen anything like Auto Affiliate Program. I believe the main reason for this is that my focus has been (and will always be) on how much value I can provide for my members, not what they can do for me.

Aside of being obsessed with internet marketing I am also a very spiritual person. I run a meditation group every week from my home in Warwickshire, UK and I teach advanced manifestation techniques. I have written a very popular book on the law of attraction (If you would like to view this on Amazon click here) as well as several 'how to' books on hypnosis and NLP.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I want you to appreciate that I'm not your average business person. I have extremely strong business ethics based on my spiritual beliefs. I treat every member of my business exactly as I would a very close friend or family member. I don't for a moment expect members of Auto Affiliate Program to share my beliefs, but I would like you to be aware of the place I'm coming from and the reasons I'm passionate about helping you succeed.

Because of giving away books which were branded with affiliate links I was able to retire in 2003 aged just 29. Since then my primary income has been from giving away books online... Exactly the same way that Auto Affiliate Program gives books away for you. I do have other sources of income, I obviously sell my books in book stores and I'm paid very well for consultation work and public speaking. So I can not say that my entire income comes from what this system does for you but a very high percentage of it does.

Whenever I make any changes to any of my businesses I go through a very strict process. I spend several days meditating on the changes I am proposing, I brain storm ideas with my team, I test everything on a totally separate platform first and I apply everything I know about the law of attraction and manifestation to make the change as effective as possible. I believe it is this attention to detail (on an energetic level) that has helped Auto Affiliate Program to grow into such a successful system.

Auto Affiliate Program Mission Statement

My goal during the development stages of Auto Affiliate Program was to provide a simple and effective way for new and experienced entrepreneurs to generate an ongoing passive income stream. I created a strict set of rules that I believed would help me to develop the most ideal business solution.

The Auto Affiliate Program Development Rules

  • Rule #1 - Minimum start up costs
    I wanted the system to be available to everybody, especially those that really needed it, so start up costs had to be kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Rule #2 - Income not limited by time invested
    This was my golden rule. Whatever business solution I was going to develop I was determined that income would not be limited by time invested. Being a successful entrepreneur is about spending time enjoying money, not earning it.

  • Rule #3 - Do the work once - Get paid forever!
    This was an extension of rule number two. I wanted to develop a business that would continue providing users with an ongoing income for a long time after the 'work' had been completed. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it's what happens when an author writes a book or a musician writes a song. Do the work once... Get paid forever!

  • Rule #4 - Don't become a slave to the business
    Being a successful entrepreneur is about making money so that you can quit work and enjoy life. I wanted to provide my members with a fully automated business solution that would be as hands-off as possible.

  • Rule #5 - No technical knowhow required
    Whatever business solution I developed it had to be as simple as possible. I wanted this to be something that an absolute beginner with no business skills or technical know-how would be able to just pick up and do in seconds.

  • Rule #6 - Be Spiritually Ethical
    I know this rule won't be very important to everybody, but for me this was the most important rule of all. The business had to be in alignment with my spiritual beliefs. I believe in karma. I treat people how I like to be treated and I would never do anything that would harm another person. I had to be sure that the business didn't take advantage of anybody. Whatever I created it had to be a win-win situation for all involved

Auto Affiliate program meets and exceeds all 6 of our initial rules. During the development stages I was able to incorporate unique technological advances that have never been seen in this environment before, such as one click branding and automatic product substitution links. These features have enabled me to create an unparalleled membership system that provides my loyal members with a very effective and simple way of creating an ever growing passive income stream.

I would like to take this moment to welcome you to the Auto Affiliate Program family and we wish you every success in business and life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.



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