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The Auto Affiliate Program membership system is sold via ClickBank. If you would like to promote Auto Affiliate Program you can use the conventional hoplink system provided via the ClickBank marketplace. Our ClickBank Nickname is: autoaffpro

Our commission payout is 50% so you will receive 50% of the monthly membership fee of any new member that you introduce for as long as they remain with us. We currently charge our members $47 per month, so you will receive a little under half of that (Clickbank deduct a small amount for processing before the remainder is split 50/50 between us and you).

You do not need to be a member of auto Affiliate Program to promote it to other people, but you will need an account with clickbank.

Creating your affiliate link

If you are not already a member of ClickBank, Click here to create a free ClickBank Affiliate account now (This link will open in a new window) Enter your details so that ClickBank know where to send your commission checks and choose a Nickname for your account.

Replace the XXXX in the link below to create your affiliate link:

Promoting Auto Affiliate Program as a member

All of our ebooks contain a link back to the Auto Affiliate Program website that is branded with your ClickBank nickname. So every book you distribute automatically promotes Auto Affiliate Program for you. If you would like to promote the system outside of the branded ebooks then send people to your affiliate link as shown above.

We also provide a selection of banners for members to use to promote the system.


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