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News and Updates

On this page you'll find a complete history of every update we've added to Auto Affiliate Program since we first launched back in 2011. If we add anything new, have some exciting news or make any changes to the system we'll post it here first.

If you are new to Auto Affiliate Program you may like to read through this page from the bottom up to see how we've grown over time. As you'll see, many of our updates come from members suggestions. We do listen to our members and if you suggest something that we believe will enhance the system in some way we'll do our best to add it.

December 14th 2017 - Custom Email Personalisation Options Added

We have added some custom fields to the email capture form on the squeeze page that pass additional data to your list at All In One Profits. This will allow you to send out emails that have the name of the book and a download link dynamically inserted into the email. More information on how you can use this and an example of how I'm using it in my emails can be found at the bottom of the new List IDs page.

December 4th 2017 - New Auto-Mode, Book Selection, and Frequency Options

A member recently requested the option to have some of our books not display on their facebook page. In order to do this we needed to completely update the way that they auto posting system works.

The update creates a unique RSS feed for each member, whereas previously all members used the same feed. This means that it is now possible to set your preferred frequency too, but in order to take advantage of these updates you will need to delete your existing applets in IFTTT and set up new ones following the new video on the Auto-Mode page.

November 29th 2017 - Default List IDs Added

You can now enter your list ID (This is called your Campaign ID at All In One Profits) for your email auto-responder for each book. This means that when people download a book from the Fab Free Books website, if you have entered a default List ID for that book they will be added to your list.

This system only works with All In One Profits. For more details please see the new List IDs page. If you do not yet have an AIOP account please click here to create one.

For more information on this update please watch the following video:

August 10th 2017 - Free Book of the Day Website Updates

We have completely redesigned the free book of the day website, and changed its name. It is now called Fab Free Books, and supports a much more modern look. However these changes are not just aesthetic, we've also made the site fully compatible with mobile devices to help open up a whole new market for you.

Now sharing books via social media will be even more effective as readers tap on your promotions on their phone and are presented with the new mobile friendly version of the site.

March 24 2017 - All In One Profits referral link credit

Thanks to a comment on our YouTube video we've added another little feature that automatically increases your profits from Auto Affiliate Program.

As you know, if you want to build an email list as you give away our books you need an account with All In One Profits (AIOP). AIOP have a referral program, so you get credit for promoting them and I want to pass that credit on to you. If you add your AIOP User Name on the account settings page we'll use your referral link whenever a new member that you've referred to Auto Affiliate Program signs up to AIOP.

Even if you don't want to build a list yourself, signing up to AIOP and adding your user name means that you'll now be able to make money from the people that sign up to Auto Affiliate Program through your referral link when they join AIOP.

For this reason, I strongly advice you go for the Pro option when you join AIOP. This increases the commission you will earn from any new members you refer.

If you do not yet have an AIOP account please click here to create one.

(For any members of Auto Affiliate Program that you refer, all links to AIOP, including the link above, will be branded with your AIOP referral code. So when they sign up to AIOP, you get the credit. But in order to benefit from this you will need to add your AIOP User Name at the account settings page.)

March 18 2017 - Email listing building has been moved to All In One Profits

We have moved the email list building option to All In One Profits. The reason for this move is due to cost and value. The Aweber pricing structure charges increasing monthly fees based on the number of subscribers that you have (and even people that have unsubscribed from your list are counted in your quota until you manually remove them), whereas All In One Profits has a fixed low fee, regardless of how many subscribers join your list. They also provide incredible value with many additional features that will be very useful to you as you build you internet business, such as web hosting, trackers, splash page builders, PLR products and much more all included at no additional cost to you. This will save you thousands of dollars in future as your business grows and you expand.

I have been a loyal Aweber customer for a very long time. I have around 30,000 people subscribed to my Aweber lists but I do not feel that they provide good value to new members. The pricing system on Aweber has changed since I signed up so I am on the old system. I pay $10 per month for my list and an additional $10 for each 10,000 people, which is a lot more expensive than All In One Profits but I still consider this to be good value. But the pricing structure they have in place for new members in far more expensive.

If you have already set up links using the Aweber option they will still work. However, moving forward we are switching over to All In One Profits.

All In One Profits have 2 membership options, Basic and Pro. The basic option is $11.50 per month and provides a completely unlimited autoresponder that is more than suitable for building your list with Auto Affiliate Program. Their Pro package is $21.74 per month and includes many additional features that you may or may not need now but as your business grows in the future you will definitely need many of these features.

All In One Profits also have a very generous and lucrative referral program that pays out a higher commission to Pro members. If you intend to use Auto Affiliate Program to promote books to the Internet Marketing community then many of the products and services that All In One Profits provides will be very desirable to your future customers and I strongly recommend that you opt for the Pro package upgrade.

March 4 2017 - Added the option to build an email list

Our most requested feature is for our members to be able to use our books to build an email list. We did add this option before, but the way it was implemented resulted in an enormous amount of Spam abuse which almost got us shutdown. We have now developed a new system that supports email capture for members.

If you do not wish to build an email list then your visitor will be redirected to the download page for the book they have chosen and they will not need to submit their email addresses. We no longer collect email addresses for our lists at all.

January 12 2017 - Added download link timer added

We have added a timer that delays the download link for the book for one minute. While they wait for the countdown to expire they are presented with a promotion. This forces the user to view the promotion for a full minute before downloading the book.

This new system puts a related product in front on the visitor when while they are still excited about solving their problem, this dramatically increases conversions as the visitor is still in buying mode at this point.

October 21 2016 - The doors are closed!

*This update is no longer relevant. We have made serveal updates to the way the system works which has allowed us to accept new members.

We are no longer accepted new members.

Since the beginning of Auto Affiliate Program I've always said that the doors will close. All members are giving away the same books, in the same places, so you are in direct competition with each other. To prevent groups being spammed with the same books I have decided to stop accepting new members.

But what about the links back to Auto Affiliate Program?

As you know each book contains a link back to the system, and if one of your readers clicks on that link and signs up you get half of their membership fee. So what happens now? That link is now being redirected to Autotweets, a new system designed to help people make money on Twitter. Just like Auto Affiliate Program, Autotweets is sold through ClickBank and when one of your readers signs up you'll receive 50% commission on their membership fee.

The existing books, all links and the follow up campaigns will remain active and we will continue to send out broadcast email promotions branded with your links. You can continue to promote the books and they will continue to make money, the only change is that we are no longer accepting new members.

If you would like to promote Autotweets directly your affiliate link is:

August 21 2016 - Added frequency options to Auto-Post System

On the tutorial page you can now choose to set the frequency of the auto post system. You can select to have books posted to your account every day, every other day or once every 3 days. If you would like to change your existing auto post frequency you will need to log in to your IFTTT account, delete your existing auto post recipe and create a new one.

August 14 2016 - Book images for auto-posting

We have updated the auto-posting system so that it now includes images of the book covers along with some additional details about the book. Please update your IFTTT recipes to reflect the change. For details see the updated tutorial steps on the tutorials page

July 22 2016 - New Squeeze Page

We have updated the squeeze pages for the books to give them a fresh new look. We have also removed the name field from the email capture form and improved the 2 stage download link.

July 16 2016 - Server Migration Complete

We have completed the server migration so everything should be back to normal now... albeit a little faster :) Sorry for any inconvenience caused during this upgrade.

July 15 2016 - Server Migration

Due to the DDoS attack earlier today we need to migrate Auto Affiliate Program to a new server. There will be a period of downtime while we complete the migration. Hopefully this will completed within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

July 15 2016 - Site temporarily down due to a DDoS Network Attack

The squeeze page and download pages for all books are currently inactive due to a DDoS network attack on our server. Please do not promote your links until the problem is corrected. Images for book covers are also hosted on this server so they will not show up on the linkbuilder tool page until we have fixed this problem. The technical team is currently working on this and we hope to have things back up and running within 24 hours.

June 23 2016 - Introducing the BRAND NEW Auto Credit System!

This is a very important update that affects everybody... in a really good way!

Sometimes a visitor arrives at one of our websites naturally, without clicking on anybodies branded link. In the past when this happened, if that person purchased a product that we promote nobody would get credit for it. Not any more. Now, when a person clicks on a link that's not branded we automatically brand it with your links!

(Not just you of course... but all of our members in turn)

This is how it works...

I have set up a counter that goes through all of our members so each member can take it in turns to have their branded links used if no branding is present.

Now for the exciting part...

We are currently building a series of SEO optimized blogs for each niche that will direct people to our ebooks with no branding. So when a new visitor clicks on a link from any of our blogs the new auto credit system will select the next member in line and they'll get the credit for any purchase that the visitor makes.

What does this mean to you?

Well, over time our blogs will begin to attract more and more traffic. Some of that traffic will be clicking on links that are branded with your clickbank ID... even if you never promote a link or give away a book in your life! So now it's possible to join Auto Affiliate Program, enter your clickbank details and do absolutely nothing yet still earn commissions! Now Auto Affiliate Program can truly be set and forget! (Without even needing to set up our auto-posting mode or have ANY social media presence.)

Right now the unbranded traffic is very small because we have never promoted unbranded versions of the site. But this is something that we are going to be very aggressively promoting so the numbers will very quickly build up and that will benefit all of our members.

We are not only setting up blogs for each niche but we also have many more plans to promote the unbranded books. We see this as a huge step forward to help our members generate a truly 100% passive income from Auto Affiliate Program.

June 20 2016 - Deadlinks issue

We've recently been made aware of an issue with some deadlinks in the books. I'd like to make a sincere apology to anybody that may have been affected by this problem. Since this has been brought to my attention I have updated the process we use to identify any product that is removed from the market so that we are able to set up a redirect to a replacement product as soon as possible.

I want to assure you that any books that you've given away that may have included a deadlink will now be working fine. The PDF file itself doesn't need to be changed so the book will remain active and the link will now automatically redirect to the replacement product.

March 16 2016 - More Banners

If you have your own website or blog then you can use our banners to promote your free books, or the Auto Affiliate Program system itself. We have added some new banners for you to use on the banners page. You will need to download your chosen banner and upload it to your site.

December 16 2015 - Facebook Issue Causing Images To Appear Blank

We have been made aware of an issue with Facebook that is causing the book images to appear blank. This is a problem with Facebook that is being discussed at length in many web developer forums. We are trying to find a work around for this issue but it is very much out of our control.

If you are manually posting to Facebook then you can download any book cover images you need directly from our site and uploaded them with your post. Sorry that this workaround isn't ideal. We hope that the problem will be resolved soon.

October 29 2015 - Free Book of the Day Updates

We have completely overhauled the Free Book of the Day website.

April 21 2015 - New Linkbuilder tool and book updates!

We have made several changes to the books and squeeze page.

  • Changed the in book adverts to a more 'teasing' style
  • Reduced book length (So readers are still 'hot' when they reach the advert)
  • Added a banner graphic for each book (Available from the new linkbuilder tool)
  • Added bullet points for each book to the squeeze page to increase downloads

We are gradually changing the back catalogue of books over to the new system. Until they are all on the new system both the old and new linkbuilder tools will be available.

December 16 2014 - Removed Email Capture From

We have removed the email capture stage from the website. We have done this because it is leading to an enormous number of Spam complaints. People that visit the website are downloading books in all categories, which means signing up to 27 different follow up lists. When they later receive 27 emails all at once they are understandably marking them as Spam.

We will continue to use the follow up email system for the book links that you create in the members area.

October 14 2014 - Complete System Update!!!

Today we have started to roll out the new update, so you'll be seeing lots of changes to the site. Most obvious will be the new design. I hope you like it! Now for the 'under the hood' changes...

  • New Link Builder System

    We've made huge changes to the link builder page. This is now the main area of the site. We have removed the old categories page and the latest download page because you can now do everything you need here.

    We hope that the page is self explanatory but very quickly this is how it works...

    STEP 1 - Select a subject by clicking on the buttons
    STEP 2 - Find a book that you wish to promote
    STEP 3 - Use the buttons under you chosen book to instantly share it on social media OR...
    STEP 4 - Click on the book cover to create a link for the book (You can then use this link to promote the book anywhere, such as on Facebook groups etc. But, obviously respect their rules and never Spam!)

    If you want to download a book to your computer you can follow step 1, 2 and 4. We will create a link for you to instantly download your chosen book as a PDF to your computer. This is useful if you are giving away our books from your own website.

  • Staff changes!

    We have two new members on our team. So I'd like to say a very warm welcome to Aliyah and Charlotte.

    There's a very interesting little story that accompanies the arrival on Aliyah and Charlotte. If you'd like to read about it, please see the new about us page. It's not for everybody but it'll really help you to understand the way that we do business much better.

  • New Sharing options

    As you'll see on the new link builder page we've now added new one click sharing options for several popular social media platforms, making it easier for you to distribute your books!

  • New Books Format

    Shorter books = more clicks! We've been testing book length and discovered that longer books get far fewer clicks on the adverts that shorter ones.

    The golden rule seems to be whether or not a book can be read in one sitting. If it can, then the adverts always get more clicks. If the books is too long an it can't be read in one sitting then the adverts get substantially fewer clicks.

    In light of this we have totally changed the format of the books. All of our new books will follow a much shorter 'top tips' style with approximately 20 tips that can easily be read in one sitting. The book will then link into the related products as a way of guiding the reader to more information while they are still excited about the subject.

    We are very confident that as we start to roll out books using the new format you will see a substantial increase in click through rate to the products featured, resulting in much higher returns for you!

    We've also dramatically shortened the books. We have found that if a person can not completely finish a book within one sitting then they will very rarely complete it. And if they don't complete the book, the chances of them clicking on the adverts is almost zero! So... we've changed our format. Our books are not very short and can easily be read in one sitting. Each book includes a series of tips on a specific subject then links directly into a related product or service. We've changed the adverts a lot to really encourage people to click through to the product recommendations AND.... over the coming weeks we'll be updating the ENTIRE back catalogue to the new format!

    We've also changed the way we introduce the products, adding some information about the guarantee and popularity of the product to help our readers feel comfortable ordering.

    Over the coming weeks we will be updating the entire back catalogue to the new link system, and where possible shortening some of the longer books too.

  • More updates coming soon!

    We are working hard on additional changes and updates and will keep you posted. Thank you for baring with us over this transitional period. We've been shifting the entire system to a new server during the update. The new server adds greater functionality and we are looking into ways of providing much more accurate stats for you. update to follow!

August 1 2014 - Added Twitter and Facebook buttons

You'll now see some handy share buttons under each book through the website. These buttons can be used to instantly share the book (fully branded with your affiliate links) to your personal Facebook or Twitter account.

PLEASE NOTE - We can not provide share buttons in this way to post into groups. These buttons only share to your personal account, so if you are targeted a specific niche then you should actively build up your social media following within that niche

January 10 2014 - Category Linking at Free Book of the Day

We've added the ability for you to send people to a specific category page on the free book of the day website. To get the links, simply head over to the Link Builder page. Once you select a category a link will appear that you can use to send people to that specific category on free book of the day.

August 19 2013 - Daily Auto-Mode Option

Lots of people have been asking for a way to promote the books more aggressively using the automated system. So here it is :) When you activate this system (see the video on the Tutorial page) it will cycle through our entire catalogue of books, promoting one each day. When it runs out of books to promote it simply starts again.

August 12 2013 - Category Menu Added to Link Builder

To make it easier for you to find books to target your preferred niche we have added a category menu to the Link Builder page

August 9 2013 - New Tutorial Videos

We have added 2 new videos. One showing the auto-mode set up system in more detailed steps as the previous video was a little confusing and a brand new video that show you how to get your branded books in front of tens of thousands of people with just a few clicks!

To check out the new videos head on over to the Tutorial page.

August 7 2013 - Changes to the Single Books Download Page

We have cleaned up the download page for the single books and added a couple of features to make it more compatible with social media. Now, the only graphic on the page is the actual book itself, so when people use the social media buttons to share the book the image of the book will accompany their post. We have also rearranged the text on the page in such a way that the automatic sharing options now pick up information about the actual book itself, rather than a generic message about the website. These changes will help to increase the possibility of the post being liked and clicked by peoples friends, helping to spread your branded links virally.

These changes also make it very easy for you to promote books that fit your niche. Simply go through the Link Builder page and visit each book that will appeal to your niche, then click on the Facebook Share button to post a link to the book directly into your timeline. Doing this every few days will really help to boost your sales. I strongly recommend that you do this in addition to relying on the automated system and please remember that the automated system only promotes each new book as we add it... we have lots of books in our database so you will want to make sure that your followers know about those too.

August 4 2013 - Category Menu Added to Free Book of the Day

Lots of members have been requesting this feature, so here it is. The free book of the day website now has a handy categories menu so that your visitors can more easily browse the previous books.

July 27 2013 - Synopsis Added to Books on Free Book of the Day Website

Many members have been asking for this feature so we are currently rolling it out to the free book of the day website. From now on all new books will include a synopsis. This will show up when a user hovers over the book. The synopsis will also appear on the individual download pages for books that you link to using the Book Links.

We will be updating the database over the next week so that all previous books will also have a synopsis.

Nov 27 2012 - Banners Added

By popular request, we have added banners! If you would like to promote your business more actively you can make use of our ready made banners, please check the Banners page. We have provided banners that may be used to promote your branded books on the Free Book of the Day website, as well as banners that directly link to the Auto Affiliate Program system using your ClickBank Hoplink.

Banner images are hotlinked directly from our server so there's nothing to upload and no strain on your bandwidth. Just copy and paste the code into your website.

Oct 5 2012 - Link Builder Added

We've added a new feature to help you promote your branded ebooks more effectively. You can now link directly to a single book. To check out this new feature go to the Link Builder page. Here you will be able to select any book from our database and a custom link for your chosen book will be generated for you. Simply copy and paste this link into your promotional emails and web copy.

When promoting your direct links, please remember that we have a very strict 'No Spam' policy.

Sept 29 2012 - Twitter Policy Update

The auto-pilot system that was using Twitter to automate promotions is no longer active as of today. This is due to a change in Twitter policy. Twitter no longer allow access to Tweets in this way.

We have updated the Tutorial page with a new video to show the updated auto-pilot process that is using an RSS Feed to activate promotions. The system works in exactly the same way as before but simply uses a new trigger. Please update your IFTTT account to reflect the changes.

Sorry for any inconvenience this change may have caused.

Feb 29 2012 - Book Format Update

We've been testing the click through rate for various versions of the ebooks and have made some changes to the book formatting to increase clicks. We've also made the books less 'salesy' for the reader in response to member feedback.

Feb 10 2012 - Full Automation is Ready!

We are extremely proud to be able to offer our members 100% automation!

You just have to do one last thing before we can do everything for you... Pop over to the Tutorials page and follow the simple step-by-step guide to going auto :) It only takes about 10 minutes to set up and once you're done we'll automatically...

  • Tweet every new book to your Twitter account and invite your followers to download them from your website (that we provide)
  • Automatically add each Tweet to FaceBook so that your friends can visit your site and download your branded books
  • Send out weekly emails to your subscribers inviting them all back to your site to download your latest branded books

Once your account is set to Auto you can forget all about it. Every time we add a new book to the site we'll spread the word for you. Of course, it'll really help if you build your Twitter and Facebook following so that lots of people see your books.

Now head on over to the Tutorials page and set your account to Auto!

Feb 8 2012 - Updated Twitter Integration and Added Tutorial

The Twitter integration now dynamically changes the Tweet text and hashtags to compliment the most recently added book. We've also added a new Tutorial on how to promote your branded books at Free Book of the Day with one click on Twitter and Facebook.

Feb 2 2012 - New Linking System - Hiding Your ClickBank Code

This has been the top requested update! (We do listen to what you say) The new linking system allows you to link to the site without revealing your ClickBank ID and it's much prettier than the old way too.

Your new link is:

Jan 26 2012 - Free Book of the Day Site Launched

To help with your promotions we have launched our sister site, simply send people to the new site using your special link (see tutorial section) and they can download all of our books ready branded with your clickbank affiliate links.

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